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Well, it's been two years since my last posting. Had my wonderful baby boy, who is not 15 months, names Billy Leroy Crosby III.. Still with my fiance, still not married yet lol My life pretty much revolves around my son at the moment. <3 my family.

Hope everyone's lifes are going gret.. I have some of you on face book, some I dont, but i'd like to! Message me and i'll add you! I'm not really part of any fandom now.. no time! Right now i'm currently working on losing this last 40 lbs.. I thought for sure I would have lost it by now, but it's alot harder as I get older!!  Starting to think my systems all cloggy, so I'm starting the Master Clense again, for 40 days, today being day one. I'll be checking it daily, hoping it will keep me accountable. Worked really well for me last time I did it!


Your son is adorable, and the whole family looks happy :)
*waves hi* Long time no see; saw your others posts too.
You look good, you all.