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Alea's Big Ol' List of Buffy/Spike Fic Recs and sites

My own personal B/S Fic recs, right now, most of them are really old, but are also the most amazing stories i've ever read. Alot of these stories i've read over and over again over the years, and have never gotten sick of. So i'll be editting this alot, and putting it in my new and old favorites. Enjoy! (Newest Fics are in Bold, ultimate favorite fics are marked with a ***. Right now, these are all the ones I have at BSDiaries, that I gave an editor's pick to. There are so many more I don't have at BSD that i'll be adding here. I'll probably be starting with Gems, a quality fic link site I started a couple years ago, that I just found at ( Here definetly worth a look, alot of amazing forgotten gems there.


98 Octane by Wisteria [ PG-13 ]
What passes for "normal".
100 Years of Solitude by Isabelle [ NC-17 ]
Set after Season 5 finale. My own AU version of what the future will be like after Buffy dies. Not realistic at all and filled with action and original characters. Basically the powers bring Buffy back 100 yrs into the future and the only one that is alive is Spike. But Spike is nothing like she remembers him, he's completely changed and to her surprise works for the powers themselves. This story contain harsh language, sex scenes, and massive action that may contain torture.


Achilles Heel by Elizabeth [ R ]
Buffy and Spike are Cursed

Adversaries by Miranda [ NC-17 ]
This romantic and excitingly well-plotted S/B story introduces a couple of intriguing past slayers, who nearly steal the show.

Affinity by Ginmar [ NC-17 ]
It's set during season 6 and includes the L.A. gang, tons of Spuffy lovin' and Angel finding out about said lovin'...

All Too Human by Margot [ NC-17 ]
It's heartwrenching, but if you love Spike, practically required reading.

The Arena Series by Kismet [ PG-13 ] * [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ]
Buffy and Spike are captured and have to fight for their lives. Crossover with Angel.

The Art of Courtship by Atara [ NC-17 ]
With Spike's help, Buffy descends.

Ashes of Dreams by Jypzrose [ NC-17 ]
Angel never got his soul back and is now the new vampire king of Sunnydale, with Dru as his queen. Buffy gets vamped. Spike’s still wheelchair bound, and they wind up having to share a room. Other than that, the story is mine.

As You Wish Series by William's Girl [ NC-17 ] WIP
AU and the fastest updated wip i know :), great writing too, buffy meets spike, they fall in love but of course there are a lot of problems to solve before they can live happily ever after...

Arizona by Jypzrose [ NC-17 ]
Druscilla followed Angel into hell. Buffy did leave, but never went back to Sunnydale, due to an unforeseen circumstance of that day. Now known as Anne, she lives in a small town, outside of Tombstone, Arizona working as a stripper. Spike finds her. What secrets does she have to tell, and can they get beyond the pain of the past to start a future together?.

All That Heaven Allows by Isabelle [ R ]
Buffy and Spike get kidnaped by an underground demon society to be sold for profit in an Auction. As the plot thickens so does their relationship.

*** Anything But Ordinary by SweetieJen [ NC-17 ] ***
In the words of Buffy Summers, "We were friends until I was fourteen. Then high school came along, he became gorgeous, and I became a pronounced loser." Yep, this is a high school fic... with a twist. Can enemies, Buffy and Spike, rebuild the friendship they used to know? Will it develop into more?

Auld Lang Syne by Sandra S
An old enemy of Buffy's has some plays for her when he sees her in a New York bar. But is she as helpless as she seems?

All In A Whisper by Babygirl [ NC-17 ]
Spike helps Buffy cope with her newfound life, while she's being stalked by mysterious predators and trying to fight her feelings for him at the same time. But will she be able to open her heart to him before it's too late?

Anniversary by Jericho [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Spike celebrate their anniversary in the most unusual way...

A Ruination In Red by Annie Sewelle-Jennings [ NC-17 ]
Two people are ruined by their love for each other, but sometimes damnation is divine.

Anchor by Evette [ NC-17 ]
S6. Spike POV. "She doesn't come here for nice things"

Aspect Of You Series by Taffy13 [ R ]
Spike wakes up dead in bed with buffy, what next?

*** The Adventures of Buffy and Spike Series by CrazyEvilDru [ NC-17 ]
Crazy Evil Dru's take on season 4.

After The Dream by Jane [ NC-17 ]
4 years after Chosen, and the world is semi-safe again. Buffy Summers leads a normal life until another emergency brings her out of hiatus, and up against someone she never thought she’d see again.


Bachlor Party by Kimi [ PG-13 ]
Spike is planning Xander's party and ignoring Buffy. Naturally, it's driving her crazy.

Balancing Act by Brynn McK [ R ]
Can a vampire without a soul find redemption? And can the Slayer ever really love him? Angst, drama, Scoobies, minor brain surgery, with a little humor and a few warm fuzzies along the way.

Better Left Unsaid by Gwyneth Rhys [ NC-17 ]
A spell by Willow to restore Spike's human essence lets Buffy meet William. But before all the wacky spell-related hijinks this story delivers one of my favourite scenes in fanfic, a sweet interlude on a moonlit beach as Spike tries to show Buffy that the night has beauty too. Wonderfully written.

Bitches Brew by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
Spike picks up a hooker who winds up cursing him...have sex with the Slayer or his penis will rot off. What won't a guy do to save his manhood?

Body Shots Series by Nautibitz [ NC-17 ]
Faith, wearing Buffy's body, has just met Spike for the first time. This time it goes a little differently.

Breathe by Mnemosyne [ NC-17 ]

Buffy Season Noir by Anna S [ NC-17 ]
A whole alternate season of Buffy, even darker and more disturbing than what we're getting now in season 6, and quite a bit more farflung.

Buffy Summer's Diary - The Return of Riley by Lori [ PG ]
Riley comes back for Hostile 17, with Buffy in the voice of Bridget Jones. It's like As You Were, only well-written.

Buffy's Wish by Hilary and Richess [ PG-13 ]
A take on Season 3 episode ‘The Wish´. Story starts from ‘Into the Woods´ in season 5. As every BTVS fan knows Buffy and alcohol don´t mix

Black The Sun by Sangga
On the eve of a solar eclipse, an exotic baddie needs the blood of a vampire - and Spike just drew the short straw.

Blue Horizons by Katayra [ NC-17 ]
.Buffy (again with the doing what everyone expects of her) is starting college and William is a sophomore...there are shared dorms and fighting and beautiful lakes...this is a near perfect story that I believe everyone has already read, but just in case.

The Bittersweet Series by Herself [ NC-17 ]
The series starts post-Wrecked, where we find Buffy slowly falling in love with Spike. Although I'd recommend starting from the beginnning (oh yes), the time travel starts with Mr. Grieves and the Fallen Woman which is the eighth story in the series: Buffy finds herself in 19th century London, and meets someone she thinks she knows.

The Ballad of Randy and Joan by Annie Sewelle-Jennings [ NC-17 ]
“She is a blank canvas, and he is not allowed to paint her.”

Broad Daylight by Laure Alexander [ NC-17 ]
Instead of continuing to fight and Buffy kicking Spike's arse in his 4th Season return, what if they'd shagged?

Buffy Want by Laure Alexander [ NC-17 ]
NC17 AU Beer Bad. Buffy hunts for a mate. Guess who?

The Butterfly Effect by Cousinjean [ NC-17 ]
NC-17 Post-Chosen, Buffy travels back in time to Sunnydale and meets up with Season 2 Spike. This story would be a perfect S8 of "Buffy."

Battle Stations by VicVKS [ NC-17 ]
Feeling restless with Riley, Buffy finds herself drawn to Spike despite her misgivings

Blood Of The Heart by GG Noel
There's a way to bring Buffy back, but it's going to take everyone to do it.

*** Bitter Business by Sandra S ***
Buffy has started college; but an obscure rule means that Spike may be back in her life.

Behind These Walls by Caitlin
After years of loving the blond vampire Buffy knows that she has to leave. But can she do it?

Breaking Free by Kereia [ NC-17 ]
When Drusilla is taken hostage by a master vampire, the Slayer seems to be Spike's only chance to save her. In the meantime Buffy has to handle an army of vampires and their demonic leaders, who want to raise powerful demon, who might be invincible.

Blood Of The Heart 2: Failure by GG Noel
They've got one more step to bring her back. But if they succeed, it will change their lives forever

Bittersweet by Tigerlily [ NC-17 ]
Set after 'The Gift', Dawn's dies instead of Buffy. Buffy and Spike are shattered by Dawn's death and leave Sunnydale. Angel and the rest of the gang try to bring them home...weirdness insues.

Bridging The Gap by Panta Rei [ NC-17 ]
Buffy Summers and Spike Kingston are pretty unusual best friends: she’s 16 and a social nobody, he’s 26 and a regular at the diner her father owns. What happens when their feelings for each other change into something that could easily spin out of control


The Chiaroscuro Series by Miss Murchison [NC-17]
It's sometime after “As You Were” and “Hell’s Bells.” Buffy and Spike's relationship is apparently over. But the Slayer has been having strange dreams, and I'm a romantic, so things go AU immediately.

Cramps And Vamps by Little_Bit [NC-17]
Basically, Spike circles his calendar every month waiting for his "special treat" until one month Buffy has no gift to give, if you know what I mean. Note: LMFAO. You need to be reading this right now, if you haven't already, it's frikkin hilarious.

Crash And Burn by Nautibitz [NC-17]
An AU, un-supernatural spin on the Buffy/Spike 'ship: Buffy's a barely legal Bel Air brat, Spike's a reckless, heartbroken punk. When they crash into each other on a mountain road, sparks fly. Features an original song by me.

Careful What You Wish For by SlayerIvy [ NC-17 ]
Dawn makes a wish without knowing it will change the world she lives in.

Cave In by Aj Hofacre [ PG ]
Spike and Buffy during the final scene of "As You Were."

Cuore Della Notte by Rabid [ NC-17 ]
Written a few years back, this is the author's view of how the series should end. Two years after season 5, Spike has been accepted into the Scoobies, but Buffy is wary of starting a relationship with him. Then the Order of Aurelius arrives to complicate things. Excellent novella with an ending I'd love to see on the show.

Changes by SpiderGirl [ NC-17 ]
A sexy Season 2 what-if: a bite turns...tender? Aw, yeah.

Come Undone by Lady Wenham [ NC-17 ]
Starts during the final battle in Chosen. But Buffy pulls a fast one, and the story takes off from there.

Cherish The Day by Hilary and Richess [ NC-17 ]
Buffy gets sent back in time. A Buffy/William ship. Set after Intervention.

Chained To Fate Series by Shoshanna [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Spike slip further into the world they’ve created together. Buffy’s resolve is weakening. But when their relationship begins to take an intense turn, she worries that she may be losing herself to him. The question is, does she want to be found?

Consequences by Forever Me
“That's the thing about magic. There's always consequences.” Set a year after the finale, Dawn is convinced that she knows what the consequences of Willow’s spell are – and it doesn’t look good.


Dancing Lessons by Various Artists
From the collective talents of stellar storytellers like Cousin Jean and adjrun. Ultimate B/S story.

Definition of a Monster 1 and Part 2 by GG Noel [R]
Post-resurrection fic...Buffy and Spike get thrown back in time.

Descant Desending by Macha [R]
It's not for anyone who doesn't want to think, though. This is one of the most amazingly creative and resonant pieces of work I have found in a long time.

Dialogue of Self And Soul by Isabelle [NC-17]
Set after "Blood Ties" episode. While fighting a demon Buffy's and Spike's blood mixes with that of the demon. They find out that this has linked their thoughts and emotions

Daylight by Addie Logan [ NC-17 ]
When the Powers that Be decide to "reward" a vampire with a soul, Buffy finds herself forced to realize that maybe things aren't what she always thought they were… (Spike/Buffy)

Double Spiked by Kantayra [ NC-17 ]
When the nerdy trio delves into time travel, Buffy is faced with two Spikes at once. Will she be able to resist? (No, duh! ~_^)

Disenchantment by Herself [ NC-17 ]
Magic wasn't through with her yet.

Days by Danielle
Buffy's thoughts on life after her memory comes back.

Dinner Interuptted Series by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
Buffy's date with Riley is interrupted by a certain peroxide-blond.

Do Not Fall by Spike Speigel
Don't fall. Never fall. Because there might be no one to catch you when you do.

*** Darkside, Lightside by Rowan [ R ] ***
Kill 'em all.

Dirty Little Secret by Poshcat [ NC-17 ]
Set in the second half of S5 This story has been edited by a beta reader. Yay beta reader! Summary: Thanks to a charmed ring, Buffy has the chance to get Spike under her thumb, repercussion free - but you know that can't last. Tingly hijinks ensue

*** Darkest Before Dawn Series by Nmissi *** [ R ]
Alternate Universe, Very good.

Denial by Echidna [ NC-17 ]
After Smashed, Buffy tries to fight her attraction to Spike

*** Divine Madness Series by Laure Alexander [ Very NC-17 ] ***
Buffy's serving canapes at her mom's gallery when she runs into a certain blonde vampire.

Defying Time and Reason For Love by Rachel
In 1882 William Stafford purchased a new desk for himself. In 2004, Buffy Summers, fresh from an abusive relationship, buys an antique desk. Suddenly, the two discover a way to communicate, falling in love with each other in the process. More inside!


Epiloge by My2cents [NC-17]
This was a really heartwarming story and I loved it, it was one of the stories that almost brought me to tears.

Even Lara Deadn Brierly by [R]
Buffy inflicts her darker desires upon Spike, and he can never refuse her. This is very bleak and angsty, so beware.

Excerpts by Saber Shadowkitten [PG-13]
A Post-Becoming "What If?" fic.

Expedite by Annie Sewelle Jennings [PG-13]
Set post 'Beneath You' --Buffy tried to go on with her normal life while Spike is still insane in the basement

Enlightened Slayer by Jenn13 [ NC-17 ]
Despondent at their lovers' betrayal, Spike and Buffy find comfort in each other's arms. Rated NC-17.

Elaisias by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
Buffy, Spike, Willow & Angel get sucked into a computer game. Buffy/Spike; Willow/Angel; Spike/Angel


From Nothing by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
It is the year 2007. The Slayerettes are all in their mid-twenties, still fighting the forces of darkness in Sunnydale, with Giles. Spike is found by Buffy on a rescue operation, and is stunned by his condition. She vows to herself to bring him back, so he can exact revenge, but finds herself drawing closer and closer to the vampire.

Falling Sky by Zero [ NC-17 ]
The end of the world, Angel, and evil in general are just a couple of the obstacles standing between Spike and Buffy

The Fireman Series by Paradox
3 months have past since The Gift and it is Dawn's first day back to school. Life in the afterlife is not all it's deemed to be with Buffy stuck between Heaven and Hell. Buffy's very existence depends on her friends when an old enemy is back to seize the day.

*** For The Dark by Sandra S ***
The Acathla incident never took place. Angelus became Vampire Master of Sunnydale and set up his court, also turning Buffy. Spike is still in a wheelchair.

Future Imperfect by Cousinjean [ R ]
In the year 2336, Buffy wakes to find she is humanity's only hope for the future, and Spike is the only link to her past. Contains spoilers for Season 5. Set during and 335 years following "The Gift."

Fragments Of A Dream by Magista [ R ]
Post-'As You Were'. A great battle ensues, and Buffy, Spike and the Scoobs are in the middle of it.


*** Guilty Pleasures by Ashlee [ NC-17 ] ***
When William ‘Spike’ Bradley accepts a teaching position at Sunnydale High School, the last thing he expected was to meet the woman of his dreams. Especially considering the woman in question is his student."

Green Card by Ripe Wicked Plum [ NC-17 ]
When Spike's threatened by the INS, Buffy steps in to help our fave blond vamp out.

Getting Pumped by Kaz [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Spike meet at a gas station and they decide to spend the evening together.

Getaway by Cousinjean [ NC-17]
Spike kidnaps Buffy. Road trip ensues. Think Crosby and Hope without.....Crosby and Hope.


In Heat by Nautibitz [NC-17]
The summer after Season 5 (in my world where Buffy never died) a pheromone heat wave gets the Slayer hot and bothered... for Spike. What's a lovestruck, semi-reformed vampire to do?

Harsh Truths by Lisa Y Drexel [ NC-17 ]
Imagine Spike managing to subdue Buffy during their fight in the quad during the S4 episode "Harsh Light of Day."

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jenn Elise [ R ]
Right now they were high on life and lust, tomorrow one would die.

Humantitis by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
Spike comes down with a case of humanitis. Lyrics used from: Harry Connick, Jr; Eric Clapton; Nine Inch Nails; Bad Company; AC/DC; Chumbawumba; Keith; George Michael and the poem is by Yeats.

Hold Onto Me by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
After Angel left, Buffy only survives with Spike's help. Then she is asked to go to L.A., because Wesley was turned into a vampire.

Hell Unleashed by Drusilla [ R ]
When Buffy is resurrected by a darker power, two ancient forces declare war, and humanity is caught in the crossfire. B/S 'ship.

He's Back by Lisa Y Drexel [ NC-17 ]
What would've happened if Angelus really lost his soul during the episode, Enemies during Season 3? I started this story in April of 1999, back when there were only a few fics of this sort out there. I finished it in 2/2000.

Here is Gone by Terri
Spike gets a chance to do a few things over again.


Illumination by Annie Sewelle-Jennings
When she sobs, she does it quietly, so that no one else can hear. Because this grief is private, and she wants it all to herself. She slumps forward onto the table and buries her face in her hands as she weeps, and every tear she sheds is for him. For what he went through. Not just now, but before.

Inhuman Hearts by Echidna [ NC-17 ]
An inhuman heart and a ritual to call the First Slayer Brings Buffy and Spike together and forces them to face their relationship. After Normal Again!




*** Letting Go by Chelle [ NC-17 ] ***
The sequel to Please Remember Me. The Council has BIG plans for Buffy. And no will will ever be the same once they Let Go.

*** Love is Blind by Avalon [ NC-17 ]***
Post-FFL. Buffy is blinded by a demon and Spike takes the Trial to restore her eyesight. But The Trial turns out to be something different than both Buffy and Spike could expect. Very creative application of AtS mythology to BtVS characters. NC-17

*** Last Summer by Annie Sewelle-Jennings [ NC-17 ] ***
After the world is destroyed by nuclear apocalypse, Buffy and Spike meet up in Australia for what may be the last summer on Earth. Warning: Character Death Up to Restless

Life Eternal by Kyra Storm [ NC-17 ]
7 years after the end of Angel, The First Evil has joined forces with Wolfram and Hart to take over our realm. The Scoobies and what's left of the AI team need any and all help they can get to defeat this new threat,


*** Mr William Series by Pepperlandgirl [ Highly NC-17 ] ***
What starts as an affair between Mr. William and his student Buffy turns into much, much more.

Memories.. They Always Come Back To Haunt You by Cariann [ NC-17 ]
After spending the whole summer with Spike, Buffy must say goodbye as her friends are set to come home, and her life is supposed to return to normal.

Measure of a Man by Kereia [ NC-17 ]
After Spike gets beaten up by a group of humans he would do everything to get rid of the chip. In the meantime, Buffy and the Scoobies are fighting an ancient evil that feeds of Sunnydale's population.

Man In Motion by SoulVamp [ NC-17 ]
Set after "Chosen," taking minor liberties here and there, and includes possible spoilers/specs for Angel season 5.

Meant To Be by SlayerFan [ R ]
What happens when the man you're married to comes face to face with the Father of your child?


Nights by Danielle
Spike's thoughts on life after his memory comes back. Companion to 'Days'

Nothing To Lose by BabyWillow
The story takes place after the episodes "into the woods" and "reunion". This story was written way before episode "crush" aired. Written as a script.

Night Dreams Series by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
nightdreams [nite-dreems] n. 1. The equivalent of a daydream, only occurring after the sun sets. 2. Something Spike has about Buffy quite often.

*** Nolens Volens by Sandra S [ NC-17 ] ***
Spike's and Buffy's relationship is based purely on sex. And that's all they want...Riiiight!

Never Be The Same Again by ForeverMe [ R ]
"Buffy is at university in England and is dating her long term boyfriend, Riley Finn. Her life seems perfect, but things never stay that way, do they? Especially when her new friend Spike gives her something to compare Riley to..."


*** Older by Nautibitz [NC-17]
A novel-length super-AU (everyone's human) story in which Spike is Buffy's new stepfather and they can't help but have a torrid, sekrit affair and fall crazy in love. ***

Other Enemies by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
It picks up where Enemies left off. Buffy almost murders Faith and gets scared so she decides to run away again and Spike shows up just in time to catch her and let her know he needs her help desperately. They embark on a road trip to Mexico that leaves them both out of sorts...

Origins by Niamh [ NC-17 ]
Post Season 5, veers from Canon, but uses elements that were seemingly left discarded by the writers.

*** The Origin Series by Ripe Wicked Plum [ NC-17 ] ***
Series, taking place immediately after 'The Body.' Major spoilers for Fifth season. I start my own unraveling of the mysteries of Glorificus and the Key.

Over The Summer by SlayerFan [ R ]
Elizabeth "Buffy" Summers has moved to Sunnydale from L.A. after her senior year of high school with her Mother, Father, and younger sister Dawn. Buffy lives in a rather large loft apartment, paid for with her Daddy's money, with four other girls: C


Please Remember Me by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
Angel's leaving town, Buffy's devastated, Spike's back and the mayor is about to ascend. Add it all up it spells...YIKES!

A Promise To His Lady by Mrs Muir [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Spike are pulled into another dimension. Here without outside influences they are able to see each other in a new light.

Please Don't Go by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
Buffy is raped and Spike helps her heal.

Pleasures From The Past by Meredith [ R ]
Buffy time-travel piece with a twist

Plea by Caitlin [ R ]
Buffy is on her deathbed, but still shares a twisted relationship with Spike. Dark fic.

Perfect World by Cousinjean
Post Grave--Spike makes a wish that changes everything and then some.

Please Mrs. Jailer by Isabel [ NC-17 ]
Buffy Summers has just been named warden of Sunnydale county prison. On her second day, she meets prisoner William Rayne, also known as Spike. Sparks fly between them right away. Buffy knows better than allowing herself to be attracted to a convict, but s

Playing on The Dark Side by PJ [ NC-17 ]
When Buffy’s mother dies suddenly, she withdraws from her friends and family, and runs away from home. While venturing the streets of L.A. by herself, she is abducted by a gang when she accidentally interferes in their business. DARK fiction.



Rhapsody In Oil by Eurydice [ NC-17 ]
A mysterious painting, a Slayer looking for something just a little bit different from Sunnydale, and a horny vampire...what could possibly go wrong? Set Season 4 between Something Blue and Hush. - Complete


Secret As The Grave by Miss Murchison[NC-17]
This story begins in Season 7 shortly after “Showtime” and also goes AU--very AU. The story is complete, with 17 chapters posted. (Overall rating: R)

Still Life With Melon And Honey by 1stRabid [ NC-17 ]
Yet another interpretive dance on violence and lip balm and love. Basically, how we go from the infamous alley scene in Dead Things to a birthday party self-invite.

Shards Series by Euro_fic
Post Chosen- A series of stories will unfold as an older, wiser, Buffy discovers the many joys and sorrows of inter dimensional travel through time and variation, each with a Spike in it: good, bad but never ugly.
Heartbreaking sometimes ( well.. often), powerfully written. Will leave you feeling breathless.

Sweetest Revenge by Cariann [ NC-17 ]
Spike takes Angelus up on his advice that in order to kill the Slayer, you gotta love her. But things don't go as planned.

Story Book by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
Someone wanted a shameless smut fic. This was hot on the heels of the Halloween episode. Little Red Riding Hood gets caught. :)

Soul Of A Singer by Gillian Silverlight
Sequel to Losing A Friend.

Surreal by Kereia [ NC-17 ]
Guess who calls Buffy at work.

Sunburnt by Sea Nymph Kali [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Co. go to a nude beach and she doesn't use sun block and gets burnt, *all* over. Spike can soothe her pain. S/B (X/F W/O)

She Was Never Mine To Begin With by Saber ShadowKitten
Spike writes a journal entry

*** School Days Series by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ] ***
Buffy goes to college. Guess who's in her class? Post Becoming

She Fell Away by Rowan
Wanting to know.

Subliminal Influences Series by PerleTwo [ NC-17 ]
[ Subliminal Influences ][ Thereputic Properties ][ Remedial Reading ][ Circuitous Reasoning ][ Breathless Confidences ]
5 part series set during season 2, the smuttiest of the smut.

Stalk Her by Jypzrose [ NC-17 ]
Buffy finds herself the object of somebody’s affections. At first, she’s flattered, but then it turns sinister. What happens when the scariest thing she’s ever faced, DOESN’T go bump in the night?

Speedway by Jypzrose [ NC-17 ]
AU. Everyone is Human. Spike is a race car driver. See Chapter One for Summary.

Shades of Grey by Dee Bradfield
AU. Set post-chip and Riley is long gone (happy, happy, joy, joy - spontaneous outburst, sorry). It's like Season Five, but without all the Glory/Dawn hoo-ha. (Who? Huh?). Spike realized his feelings a bit earlier than depicted in the show and took off

Spike Lips! Lips of Spike! by Mr MonkeyBottoms [ NC-17 ]
Takes place in Season Four, directly after 'Something Blue'. Spike/Buffy. Ever wonder what happened after the spell wore off? This fic fills in some missing scenes from 'Something Blue' and many episodes afterwards.

A Shower Of Ash by Eurydice
Just because you're not in the same country anymore doesn't mean you're not in the same place. An 800-word ficlet that takes place in the final minute of "Not Fade Away." Not a happy fic. - Complete

*** Settling The Score by Babygirl [ NC-17 ] ***
AU/PWP. Buffy gets a crappy score on her English report and decides to settle it.


To See The Sun Again by Kallysten [ NC-17 ]
Set somewhere after Something Blue, before Buffy dates Riley, before Dawn is 'created'. Answer to a Challenge. First Fanfic I wrote. Someone kidnaps Buffy and Spike to force them to fulfill a prophecy

The Problem With A Paradox by Kaz [ NC-17 ]
Buffy's going to have to face an army of formerly dusted vamps unless they can prevent their rising. But who are her allies and who are her enemies? And who is it that the prophecies warn of - the 'evil spirit' who will lead her astray?

The Gods Must Be Crazy by Lisa Y Drexel [ NC-17 ]
Crossover with Xena: Warrior Princess. Spike and Buffy get a helping in the affairs of love. Rated R.

Time Out Of Mind Series by June [ NC-17 ]
It's summer 2000. Spike is chipped and he and Buffy hate each other. But then time changes everything. . . Time-travel fic, S/B

The Poker Game by Caitlin
Night after night two people play a game of poker, each one trying to best the other.

Tooth And Nail by KJ Draft [ NC-17 ]
PWP. S/B bring the house down. My first Buffy fanfic. Written January 2002 in response to NautiBitz's "Fill in the Blank between Smashed and Wrecked" challenge. So, it's all her fault. Also, she supplied the great title. Are you sensing a theme here?

Tempting Fate Series by Saber ShadowKitten [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Angel get it on in the library. At least Buffy thinks it's Angel.

The Lucky Ones by Slade [ R ]
Don't you just get so frustrated with some people? Does it seem like you'd do whatever it takes just to understand where the hell they're coming from??? What happens when those drastic measures blow up in Buffy's face?

The Art Of Courtship by Atara [ NC-17 ]
With Spike's help, Buffy descends.

The Canvas Of His Back by Annie Sewelle-Jennings [ NC-17 ]
In the afterglow, there is only sweetness.

*** Touch Of Jealousy by Echidna [ NC-17 ] ***
Sunnydale, Buffy, Spike and the entire gang are seniors in high school. When Buffy and Spike discover that their respective counter parts (Dru and Angel) have been macking on each other their heartbroken and decide to get them back by making them jealous.

The Winning Hand by Margie [ R ]
Based on Nora Robert's book the Winning Hand - complete fantasy Buffy/Spike are both human. She's down to her last dollar and wins 2 million at Spike's casino.

The Hunt by Eurydice [ NC-17 ]
Buffy is forced to seek asylum with Spike when a new enemy targets her. Set mid-Season 5, Joyce is still alive, and Spike hasn't told Buffy about his feelings yet.

Twice Upon A Time by Ashlee and Allison [ NC-17 ]
Buffy and Spike were the most infamous and popular couple at Sunnydale High until temptation struck and changed their lives completely. After events and realizations occur, they try to patch up their differences and find that maybe change isn't always go

*** The Education of Buffy Summers by SeaBlue [ NC-17 ] ***
Bad girl Buffy Summers is shipped off to boarding school…where William Bloodsworth will give her a more thorough education than she ever dreamed possible. AU, no Slayers or vampires.


Uncle Xander Screams Like A Girl by Babylikestoplay
In the distant future Buffy and Spike are married with kids. William Junior gives his family history to his kindergarten class and gets in trouble for being a little too much like his father.


Vertigo by Atara [ NC-17 ]
Spike and Buffy get dizzy.


Written, Not Seen Series by Chelle [ NC-17 ] WIP
This is my revisionist series. I am rewriting every episode of Season Five so that it has a Buffy/Spike twist to it. I started these before I knew that there would actually be a storyline where Spike falls for Buffy.

The Weight Of Forever by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
The sequel to Weight of Love. Buffy stays in Los Angeles and accepts a job at Wolfram and Heart. Her life is finally perfect, but an outside force threatens to destroy everything that she has worked so hard to build.

The Weight Of Love by Chelle
Buffy gets some devastating news from California and heads back to the states. She doesn't know that Spike is alive, but she's been writing letters to him and keeping them in a folder like a diary since he died.

*** We Made Love by Chelle ***
Tissue Warning. This fic takes place in the future of Wet and Wild. It's Spike's point of view. Angsty!

When The Dust Settles by Chelle [ NC-17 ]
The obligatory "Smashed" ficlet.

*** Wet And Wild by Chelle [ NC-17 ] ***
My first novel length fanfiction. Spike is captured by the Initiative again and Buffy has to join to get him back. This is set DIRECTLY after Something Blue so Hush never happened. It's very long and very involved.

*** Walking After Midnight by Chelle [ NC-17 ] ***
Buffy is injured while fighting a demon and finds herself paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Spike, needing a place to hide from demons, takes on the task of caring for Buffy while Joyce works. One thing is bound to lead to another...

Wild Things by Nautibitz [ NC-17 ]
S4's 'WTWTA' redux Spuffy-style, as in "What if it wasn't *Riley* in that bed with Buffy?"

Washed by Drusilla
"Love like this was for fairytales, for romance novels, for children. This was the real world, and love didn't exist." Life takes an unexpected turn for Buffy years after The Gift, and she finds herself having to choose between her head and her heart.



Young Girl by Kamla
Highschooler Buffy goes out with her friends for a night of fun and underage flirting, where they run into Spike. Man falls for girl, girl falls for man. Man finds out that girl is really just a girl and watch the angst.


Recommended Websites

Gems - All high quality, some broken links
Destroyer of Worlds - one of the oldest B/S fic sites, before they were cool, housing some really old, really amazing stories. First Buffy/Spike Guild site.
All About Spike
The Sandlot
The Crypt
Death Marked Love
Intensity - Through, possible broken links
Love's Bitch - First ever Buffy/Spike fic website, alot of broken links, but it looks like the archive's still intact, and there are alot of stories from the B/S History that can only be found at this site.
The Darker Side of Sunnydale
Nautibitz fic

Fic Rec Sites

Older Dark Fic Recs - Not all B/S
Fanforum Buffy Fic Rec Thread
Cold Dead Seed B/S Fic rec thread #3
Cold Dead Seed B/S Fic rec thread #2
Cold Dead Seed B/S Fic rec thread #1
Jems B/S Rec list by Category

Expect This to get updated alot.

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