December 17th, 2014

Again, been a while!!

Working on a new project i'm so excited about!! To anyone who knows me in RL, knows i'm an Extreme Couponers. Started couponing when my son was born and it's been life changing!! Now my new goal in life is teaching others how awesome it can be!! With the money i've saved we've been able to pay off our cars, pay off ALOT of our debt, and have a goal to own our own home within 5 years!! Started a new website to help people

Where I teach people and break down the best deals of the week for ALOt of stores.. I must say, When I started the website, I didn't realize how time consuming it would be, but it's such an awesome feeling to see someone get in on teh deals I post, and post a picture of their haul where they saved $100 and only spent $5!! That's rewarding in itself!!

If anyone's interested in learning how to coupon, please let me know!! I don't get on here a whole lot, but I will try to, and if you really want to learn (I guarentee that will be the best decision you ever make! IF you have 30 minutes of extra time a week to spend, it's WORTH it) Find me on Facebook "Alea Aiello" (I'm the only one there with my name lol) OR follow me :

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