November 17th, 2008

Fic Rec: Kaleidoscope by Lirazel

Just got permission to archive this author's work at BSDiaries after reading one of her stories, Back Porch (which is also amazing) but then I stumbled across this fic.

Summary: "Can you tell me, is this love that I'm seeing?" One by one, the people in Buffy and Spike's lives try to add up the obvious.

Oh. My. Goodness. I was enthralled with this one. Writen from so many different character POV, Lirazel pulls from each character and their verses are written extremely in character. It's the little things you have to notice, and this fic has them all. Written dead-on, and such a good read.

Also, for those who missed my extreme rec last week, All Too Human by Margot, I can't stress the brilliance of thi story, such an epic, so dark, so amazing. Written back after season two, one of the early stories, worth your time.


I'm on a friggen roll, and Buffy when Drunk.. super fun. But, however.. I forgot how depressing season 6 was... :( I'm on Flooded right now.. just looking forward to the B/S scenes that are amazing.

Miss still.. Anyone have any info?

Also, updated my fic rec list with more stories (that are actually working) from Gems.. Like 10 new stories..

Big Ole Buffy/Spike Fic Rec List

I should think of a catchier name, that one is kinda long to keep writing over again whenever I write it.