November 8th, 2008

Ah... Vegas...

I guess the phrase when in Vegas.. well, I understand it now.. Such a drunken weekend. I'll put more on it later when i'm not in recovery from it.. However, I'm going to have some nice scars in the form of a leg wound.. from falling.. UP.. a broken escalater.. looks like I got attacked by some wild animal.. and it's pretty deep. Luckily, after a day, it's still a bit numb so it doesn't really hurt. Stupidity.. I tried to jump like 4 at once..

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Been working on transfering all my old Recs from Gems to my livejournal Rec List.. which is alot harder than I originally thought, cause half the stories were broken and really hard to find. Which lead me to my current mission, to email all the older classic authors and try to get their stories up at BSDiaries, so they're easy to find, and a new generation of Buffy/Spike fans to the older classics.

Updated List

Added like 20ish new old stories, all are bolded.