October 27th, 2008


New layout, yay made by amavel_bel Hope I did that right. I've been slowly buying Buffy and Angel seasons since I got out here, and been rewatching everything. My love for Buffy never died, but it did get put aside a bit in the last couple years, but after rewatching everything, i remember why I love the show so much. I miss reading really good stories, and talking with the fandom. The last couple of years.. RL has gotten in the way. I guess I can't really say that, I'm glad it did, but now that i've pretty much had my fill of RL, it's cool to know that the Fandom is still there. I haven't had this much interest in maintaining Buffy and Spike Diaries in Years, but now I get super excited when it's time to update.. There are so many stories that are recommended from the last 3 years that I haven't been reading anything (minus my fav authors, of course) I can't wait to catch up.. I do miss the older stories though..