September 6th, 2008

bsd update

Buffy And Spike Diaries

New Stories: 21
Total Stories: 2304

New Authors: 5
Total Authors: 638

New Stories:

Summer Skin By Vanilla [New Author]
Her Gift By Anna Purna 2 [New Author]
Shattered By Bitchee [New Author]
Power Play By Vanilla
Something In It By Anna Purna 2
A Dream Come True By Mabel Marsters [New Author]
It's Nice To Be Back In Rome By Alex Wert [New Author]
before alantis fell By Buffyx
Changing Lives By Mabel Marsters
Giving In By ColdCoffeeEyes25 [2-16]
Heart And Soul By Cody
Lullaby By Cousinjean
Hers To Remember By Cousinjean
Spike's Gift By Devil Piglet
A Silver Thread By Devil Piglet
No Ordinary Girl By Jodyorjen
Friendly Intervention By HW
Stale Cigarettes By KJ Draft
Seven Minutes By Kimi Reviews
Wishes And Dreams By Julia [New Author]
True By Jodyorjen