August 17th, 2008

Alea's Big Ol' List of Buffy/Spike Fic Recs and sites

My own personal B/S Fic recs, right now, most of them are really old, but are also the most amazing stories i've ever read. Alot of these stories i've read over and over again over the years, and have never gotten sick of. So i'll be editting this alot, and putting it in my new and old favorites. Enjoy! (Newest Fics are in Bold, ultimate favorite fics are marked with a ***. Right now, these are all the ones I have at BSDiaries, that I gave an editor's pick to. There are so many more I don't have at BSD that i'll be adding here. I'll probably be starting with Gems, a quality fic link site I started a couple years ago, that I just found at ( Here definetly worth a look, alot of amazing forgotten gems there.

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B/S Author Master List

Kinda for my own personal use, i'm just copy and pasting these links when I run across them, so I haven't actually checked to see if the website's are all still there.. I'm a big fan of so.. enter and try to use at your own risk,

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