Again, been a while!!

Working on a new project i'm so excited about!! To anyone who knows me in RL, knows i'm an Extreme Couponers. Started couponing when my son was born and it's been life changing!! Now my new goal in life is teaching others how awesome it can be!! With the money i've saved we've been able to pay off our cars, pay off ALOT of our debt, and have a goal to own our own home within 5 years!! Started a new website to help people

Where I teach people and break down the best deals of the week for ALOt of stores.. I must say, When I started the website, I didn't realize how time consuming it would be, but it's such an awesome feeling to see someone get in on teh deals I post, and post a picture of their haul where they saved $100 and only spent $5!! That's rewarding in itself!!

If anyone's interested in learning how to coupon, please let me know!! I don't get on here a whole lot, but I will try to, and if you really want to learn (I guarentee that will be the best decision you ever make! IF you have 30 minutes of extra time a week to spend, it's WORTH it) Find me on Facebook "Alea Aiello" (I'm the only one there with my name lol) OR follow me :

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Been a while

It's been a while since I wrote in here. Life got crazy.. I was never really much of a journal person. But Livejournal will always have a special place in my heart. I can look back to when I was younger and marvel at how dramatic I was!

Hey Buffy/Spike shippers! I found some long lost stories..

From an earlier version of BSDiaries.. The site closed down a couple years ago, and all the stories were lost.. or so I thought! I just found one of the sites earlier domains on the wayback archive, and most of the story links are still working! If you're interested..

Main site:

 Fic links at the bottom, sorted by type

I know the Rated G page has some broken links, but Rated R and NC-17 all work as far as I can tell!

x-posted to pretty much any buffy/spike group I can find!


Well, it's been two years since my last posting. Had my wonderful baby boy, who is not 15 months, names Billy Leroy Crosby III.. Still with my fiance, still not married yet lol My life pretty much revolves around my son at the moment. <3 my family.

Hope everyone's lifes are going gret.. I have some of you on face book, some I dont, but i'd like to! Message me and i'll add you! I'm not really part of any fandom now.. no time! Right now i'm currently working on losing this last 40 lbs.. I thought for sure I would have lost it by now, but it's alot harder as I get older!!  Starting to think my systems all cloggy, so I'm starting the Master Clense again, for 40 days, today being day one. I'll be checking it daily, hoping it will keep me accountable. Worked really well for me last time I did it!

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So I haven't posted in a really long time.. my computer's being crazy, and to be honest, RL's been crazy as well. But two huge things have happened. One.. I'm engaged to that man I talked about in my last RL post. and TWO.. the biggest..

We're expecting out first child!! A little boy, Billy Leroy Crosby the 4th.. due January 10th, 2013 :D

Updated list of B/S fics that work..

Alea's Recs - Some may be broken, but most appear to be working. - same as above - The Education of Buffy Summers</a> by SeaBlue NC-17 WIP
Very very hot.. been a wip for a couple years now, but she says she is almost done with a new chapter so yay!! Headmaster/Student fic.. the links in the chapters are a little wonky around chapter 5, so you just have to edit them in the actual url for the story.. but soooo good. Just re-read it and soo good. - Mr William Series by Pepperland girl ( Link ) NC-17 
REALLY long series that i'm super glad I found through the way back archive. One of my favs

So funny.

I'm gogling "Aleababe" and finding a bunch of stuff about BSDiaries over the years. So then I google "BSDiaries" and find this website calling itself BSDiaries... BackStreet Diaries.. haha Awesome.